My plan for marketing your property

When you’re selling your house or condo, you want to sell it fast and make as much money as possible. A good marketing plan can help you do that. Here’s how I will work with you to market your property. I will:

MAXIMUM Exposure to Buyers...

Once you’ve found a price for your home and put it in showroom condition, there’s one more critical piece of the puzzle before buyers begin flocking in to see your masterpiece: getting their attention.

Getting the word out about your home matters for two critical reasons. First, buyers can’t be interested if they don’t know your home exists. But more important still, the more buyers you have interested in your home, the higher the potential sale price, and the faster the sale.

Marketing your home to the biggest audience possible takes more than a sign on the front lawn. The best and fastest home sales use a combination of many of the following:


MLS Listing. The largest online database of available real estate.
Video Tour. A behind-the-scenes, online look at your home and neighbourhood.

Property Website. Your home’s very own website with all the info a buyer needs.

Online Exposure on nationally ranked real estate websites such as and

Proactive Prospecting. Reaching out directly to people who might be interested.

24/7 Direct-to-Text Ads. Instant access to property details right from your For Sale sign.

Property Brochures. Great photos, vibrant descriptions in professional take away form.

24-Hour Online Ads. On major online sites such as Kijji. 

Print Marketing. Print ads, just listed cards and more.

Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube,
and more.